7 Secrets Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Know

Personal Trainer's Secret

Whether you believe it or not, there’s a secret that your personal trainer prefers to keep to himself. When it comes to showing off their certifications, physique and expertise, there’s little or no reservation because you need those as evidence that they can help you. But, what about the aspects that will reduce your trips to the gym and training expenses?

What You’re Personal Trainer’s Secret

Secret 1. The Kitchen is the Place Where Abs are Made

Personal Trainer's Secret

While each trainer showcases a unique method of working hard on your abs in order to get six packs, the truth is, there’s only one true approach – good nutrition. In essence, ripped abs start right in your kitchen.

So, ensure your trainer is also a good nutritionist that tells you the right things to eat for better outcome.

Secret 2. You Can Spend Less to Achieve Meaningful Weight Loss

It is not until you hire a personal trainer and bore hole on your pocket before you can shed the amount of pounds you desire. Unfortunately, a lot of trainers don’t tell you that. Some seemingly simple exercises combined with quality diet and good eating habits can help you lose just any amount of weight you wish to. But, the key is consistency.

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Secret 3. You Don’t Need the Gym to Maintain Your weight Loss

Personal Trainer's Secret


Why go back to the gym so that you can maintain your weight loss when you can simply continue the activities that led to your weight loss right at home? It’s a common sense – whatever takes you up will sustain you there if you keep up those habits.

Secret 4. Keeping it Simple Yields the Most Result

If it doesn’t look quite difficult and over-demanding, you won’t believe it will work. So, your personal trainer has to keep it hard and rigorous. But, the truth is, the simplest workouts such as squat, bench press and deadlift are as effective and constitute the foundation of any meaningful fitness training program and regimen.


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Secret 5. The Outcome all Depends on You

When pitching how much their training expertise and experience can help you build muscle and achieve ripped abs in six weeks, some trainers don’t remember (or deliberately forget) to let you know that the outcome completely depends on you.

Your personal trainer will only show you what to do but won’t do it for you or follow you with a whip so that you can comply. What you put in will determine what you will get ultimately.

Secret 6. Your Expectation should be Realistic

You can’t be weighing over 150, all puffed up with fat, and then expecting to lose 50 pounds in 30 days! No matter the magic you perform, it is most likely not to happen. You should be realistic with your expectation.

Secret 7. You can Train at Home and Achieve Better Result

Personal Trainer's Secret


This is absolutely true! But, if you are the type that needs constant motivation, you may need to train at the gym along with other fitness enthusiasts.

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