The Best Weight Lifting Advice For Men Over 40

That you’re older doesn’t mean you should take out the “big” exercises such as bench presses, deadlifts and squats from your exercise routines. What you need is proper guidance on how to carry out these exercises properly so that you can avoid injury while trying to reap the big benefits from weight training.

Bear in mind that emphasis is on “perform correctly”, which is even more important as you grow older. Therefore, consider these top experts’ advice on how to weight lift as an older man;

Best Workouts Practice 40’s


What you’re practicing in this case is the near perfect technique. And, you shouldn’t quit learning it. It’s also a thing of the mind. Once you start thinking you can’t lift weight better as you get older, it will automatically start reflecting in your weight lifting activities and efforts. So, positive mindset is very important here.

Do More Warmup Sets

Don’t just dabble into weight lifting. This advice is just for everyone – young or close to 40 and above. Doing as many sets of warm-ups as possible is necessary before going into weight lifting proper.

Start Out Slowly

Also, when you start your weightlifting exercise, don’t start intensely, knowing that your strength is not actually what it used to be. Starting slowing applies to just any weightlifter, especially the beginners.

The gradual startup helps your body to be well prepared to accommodate the intensity of weight lifting. It’s also a great way to avoid or greatly minimize injury occurrence while lifting weight.

Work Closely with a Trainer

Also, when you get older, it may be necessary to work closely with a professional trainer when working out and particularly weight training. A trainer will help you perform your weight lifting exercises correctly and tell you what to do and what not to do.

The trainer doesn’t have to be there at all times. Get them to set-up a weight lifting program that suits your advancing body so that you can run with it. But, if you feel the need to always have a personal trainer each time you perform your weight training routines, you are completely at liberty to do so.


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Reduce Your Training Frequency

Don’t try to be a macho man when you’re over 40, especially when it comes to weight training. Try not to train more than three times a week, no matter how experienced you are, considering your body that is advancing in age.

Finally, if you are 40 and above (and just for every exercise enthusiast), ensure your nutrition is excellent. Eat the right foods that help supply the right amount of calories and spike up muscle building rate. In essence, you need well rounded and balanced diet, and particularly foods that are rich in protein.

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