How to Become Better Looking As You Age

Eat Right

Four Things That Will Make You Look Good As You Age

We all know that our appearances change as we age. As we grow old, we do not look the same as when we were younger and in the physical prime of our lives.

However, we can still become better looking as we age; we just need to pay extra attention to how we conduct our lives. This advice about how to look good as you age is applicable to both males and females.

  1. Change Your Attitude, Change Your Appearance

    If you want to look better as you age, the first thing that you should think about is your attitude and how you emotionally deal with things. People cannot initially see your attitude or read your mind, though how you feel and what you think tends to radiate out through your appearance. People have a sort of sixth sense, and the type of vibes that you put out can either be very inviting or very off-putting. This is an important part of your appearance.

    The kind of vibes that you put out has a lot to do with nonverbal gestures and perhaps even chemical messages that are being sent through the air. “Nonverbal” gestures refer to the expression on your face and the positioning of your body. There have been experiments done where it was found that human beings were able to distinguish between different types of sweat—exercise sweat, nervousness sweat, male sweat and female sweat.

    If you have a general, easy going air about you, you will seem like a more attractive person. Now, I am not telling you to carry around a skateboard, wear your baseball hat backwards and “talk cool,” like some type of stereotypical “cool kid” character from a television show; I’m just saying that you should have a positive attitude and not make such a big deal out of some things.

  2. Eat Right

    eating healthy to look better

    Adopt a healthy, balanced, portioned out diet with plenty of foods that are prepared in healthy ways. If you are the type of person who likes to eat as much as possible and/or comes from a family where everyone is pressuring you to eat as much possible, here is some advice: don’t do it.

    Pay attention to the nutritional values of foods and portion out your meals accordingly. Do not turn eating into an emotional crutch, and don’t eat just because you are nervous or bored. Be mindful of the fact that having an appetite is different than being hungry. Hunger is when you really need food, and when you are hungry you will definitely know that you are hungry. When you have an appetite, you may not actually be hungry; you may just be eating because of your emotions or because you habitually eat when you don’t have to.

    If you eat right, you will be in good physical condition, feel better and have more confidence—all of the things that you need to boost up your appearance.

  3. Exercise

    exercising so you get better looking
    Exercise is great for keeping yourself trim, attractive and youthful. Being active helps to keep your body healthy, which results in being better looking. Exercise tends to bring people up, emotionally, which positively affects their personalities, attitudes, and outlooks on life. This, in turn, positively affects our appearances.

    Being trim and fit-looking is a sign of vitality and youth. However, do exercises that are reasonable for your abilities and tastes. Do not do certain types of exercises if you have health problems. If you have certain health problems, or you just don’t feel like doing rigorous activities, there are plenty of low impact activities, like walking. You should do activities that you like because it is important that you have fun.

  4. Work With Your Unique Appearance

    Some people tend to think, “Oh, I’m this age, which automatically means that I can’t wear this,” or “Oh, I’m that age. By default, I shouldn’t wear that!” People think this, even when they have a burning desire to wear something specific.

    Well, here is some advice: if you want to wear something, then wear it. You might actually look amazing in it! Are you a 65 year old woman who wants to wear a light-weight, velvet, leopard-print jacket, but you have the bug in your head that you are “too old” to wear such a beautiful print? Just wear it!

    If you have an eye for something that might look good on you or that you think looks luxurious, don’t get a bug in your head that you are “too old” to wear it.

    A lot of people wear clothes that they think they are “supposed to” where, or that are trendier or considered more socially acceptable. The same also goes for hairstyles. However, in many situations, people who follow trends or dress however they think someone their age “should” dress end up looking plain and haggard. Their best features do not pop out, while sometimes their worst features actually pop out.

    So, the moral of the story is to look at yourself in the mirror and think about what you like and what would complement your look. It may not necessarily be the exact trend, print or style that everyone else your age is wearing, but, then again, they probably all look bad!

If you follow these tidbits of advice, you will look good and your beauty will shine! Just remember to have a positive attitude, eat right, have an eye for what looks good on you and exercise.


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