The 8 Easiest Way To Lower Your Sugar Intake

how to cut down on sugar

When it comes to eating healthy, sugar should be considered public enemy #1! Sugar is practically loaded in everything these days, not just in our sweets. Luckily there’s some helpful tips to really help you cut back and get your weight on track!  

Our bodies do need sugar in its natural states to function and fully operate, but it’s gotten way out of hand! Without getting into a history lesson on sugar, basically food companies started using a ton of different sugars over fats for flavoring purposes and now it’s basically used in everything!

Sugar when processed and added to food can be very dangerous. It has zero nutritional value and messes up your metabolism and insulin levels. It can even cause insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer and dementia.

1) Check The Food Labels

If your buying food with labels, you should be reading them. They are on their for a reason, not just because it’s the law!
Here’s a list of the different names food manufacturers disguise their carbs and sugars with:

– agave nectar
– brown sugar
– cane crystals
– cane sugar
– corn sweetener
– corn syrup
– crystalline fructose
– dextrose
– evaporated cane juice
– fructose
– fruit juice concentrates
– glucose
– high-fructose corn syrup
– honey
– invert sugar
– lactose
– maltose
– malt syrup
– molasses
– sucrose
– syrup

These are important because sugar is hiding in more foods than you expect, food items like ketchup, pasta, bread, yogurt, almond milk, and salad dressings. Knowing what they are called is the first way to be on the lookout for them.

Make an effort to look at the ingredients and choose foods with zero added sugar!

2) Eat Often and Regularly

Many people eat unhealthy snacks as alternatives to a healthy choice or filling lunch. Whether they are too busy at work and skip lunch, they’re on a budget, or too busy at home to pack one, it takes too long!

There’s plenty of reasons why the candy aisle is full in the early afternoon and our bodies go under nourished. But not eating regularly is one of the biggest ones!

Blood sugar levels drop when your hungry, which can make it tempting to go for a sweet snack instead of something more healthy. Try to not eat outside of meal times! A nice trick is to allow yourself coffee and tea in between to tie you over.

3) Stop Drinking Sugar

Everyone has their favorite sugar drink, whether it’s just with your coffee, fruit juice or iced tea, and of course their favorite soda or soft drink! There are many studies out there to say that drinking our sugar is the most fattening part of our diet, especially in the United States.

Some statistics say these sugary drinks increase your risk for obesity by up to 60%! Even worse, diet drinks with artificial sweeteners increase your risk just the same and the chemicals inside them are definitely bad for you.

Make a commitment today to slow up on the sugary drinks and that could be all you need to lower your sugar intake to a more desirable level.

4) Keep Them Out Of The House!

This might seem like a no brainer, but for those who live with others, especially kids, it can be a little tricky. Sugars are just as bad for kids as they are adults, if not worse! So do the family a favor and find alternatives and get them out of the house.

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5) Eat More Healthy Fats And Protein

Eating healthy fats and protein helps you control your blood sugar by slowing down it’s release. This  will also help to keep you fuller for longer after eating. Increasing healthy fats and more protein in your diet will help you to cut back on sugary treats.

A lot of people keep their preferred flavored protein powder on hand to add to shakes and smoothies, or oatmeal. Try out some and find yours today!

6) High Quality Supplements

When your body lacks nutrients you get cravings. If your watching what you eat right now, and jonesing for sweets, you might be low on certain vitamins and minerals. Magnesium is used in your body to regulate sugars, insulin, and dopamine.

Low dopamine levels could help explain a lot as it is prevalent with addictions. Sugar is highly addictive! L-Glutamine may help also to relieve cravings.

These are just a few supplements to assist with cutting back on sugary foods. Check with a nutritionist to find out what else your body might be missing according to your diet.

7) Add More Spices

If your one to add extra sugar on things, or some other kind of sweetener, you might want to consider some healthier versions. Good example is with an ice coffee or latte.

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Try ordering one unsweetened and adding cocoa or vanilla powder without sugar instead. Use some cinnamon, coriander, or nutmeg on your oatmeal or cereal.

8) Remind Yourself Why Your Trying To Cut Back

You know it’s not good for you. After healthier alternatives to fighting back cravings, remind yourself your reason why you want to make the change! You should by now know that it’s been linked to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, even Alzheimers and dementia.

What are your goals in life? Does a dysfunctioning body with plenty of health scares interfere with what your trying to achieve? Do you want to decrease those risks, lose weight, or feel better? Find a way to remind yourself daily of your goals so they’re always in plain view.

Have A Plan

These are the easiest ways to reducing your sugar intake and getting to a healthier version of yourself. Now that you have these truths at your disposal, you’re the one who’s going to have to implement them. Plan ahead, see where you can fit these into your daily life. What changes do you have to make?

What’s changes are going to be harder or easier for you to make? What’s going to stand in your way? Preparing for these ahead of time will increase your chances of success. If and when you do fail, we all slip up from time to time, remember these principles to get you back on track.

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